Yes, he will shoot you up with his lazer eyes.

Earlier today (yesterday now?) we went to Alpaca Fest 2007, woooo! The other day my husband saw an actual ‘Girls Gone Wild’ van, sitting in a hotel parking lot. It’s my guess that they were waiting for Alpaca Fest.

…jealous yet?

I honestly don’t know too much about alpacas, just that I like to knit with their protective layering. Exposing them to the harsh environments BECAUSE I CAN. What I found out today is that alpacas are total camwhores. The second they see a camera they start mugging it up, striking poses, working it, thinking they’re going to strike it rich on the internet. This one in particular caught my fancy:

They were convincing. I took a bunch of crappy camera video recordings, mostly of them eating. It was like seeing a bunch of giant cats in pens. They ate. They pooped. Some slept. Most of them stared at you angrily. We walked around the area where they were showing them off for a while before realizing there was like a whole huge building full of alpacas and some yarn. Only some. I wanted more. There was a woman sitting on a couch and spinning yarn, that was cool… however she was just there to tempt me, she wasn’t actually selling any of her handspun yarn. Friggin evil.


Okay, well it’s getting late and I’m trying to embed one of those pointless videos and the intarwebs are not feeling me on this. However, I’ll be back soon to talk about what I’m actually knitting. (*gasp* I’m actually knitting??) Also to talk about my plans for future knitting. Plus, I want these stitch markers. Although they will make me fat. (Check out the donut ones, they’re so amazing and detailed.)

working now?

2 thoughts on “LazerPaca

  1. Phew Phew…. I can almost smell them while reading about them. I am bummed out I didn’t get to go. I am glad you did!

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