Go Team Venture!

This weekend has been up and down. However, I did manage to finish my FIRST pair of socks. Hoo yeah!


Actually, knitting socks was weird. I definitely did feel my interest waning during the second sock. Although to be fair that second sock had it out for me. If you look at the socks together, you’d think the second sock was the first since it looks so wack.

(which do you think I made first?)

Either way, I feel super accomplished. Although it’s made me wonder, what next? I’m tired of the big project. I think we’ve given ourselves a ‘whenever the hell it gets done’ deadline on that sucker. So that leaves things wide open. Gloves for John’s mom? Dad’s hat? I’ve been thinking about finally knitting that turtle. He called to me last night said “You know you want to knit me and when I exist, you can call me Archibald.”

Thanks Baldy.

Also, here’s me and my new best friend:

My mom wants to borrow my car. 😦

Edit: I just decided to edit this and not complain like a whiney complainer. I’m having troubles with my mom and I think I’m going to talk to her about it tomorrow. Because supposedly I’m an adult and that’s what we do, we talk about things.

At least Jessica and Joey’s party was a lot of fun:

Most of the men folk. We played Apples to Apples for at least three hours. Seriously. It was some xhardxcorex game playing. I was seriously winning, then everyone turned against me, as they typically do when you’re winning and they wouldn’t let the game end until someone had more than me. However, after the game ended, Jessica was looking at the rules and it said the first person to 8 won, so IN YOUR FACE SUCKERS! Ha! I’m a totally gracious winner.

2 thoughts on “Go Team Venture!

  1. I can’t tell which was knit first. They are both awesome! Way to go on the first pair of socks…. I am glad the party was a hit. Looks like fun was had by all.

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