Goodbye October :(

Well Halloween is done. Sad face.

Sax was busy being creepy.

I was a little disappointed. Nobody was going to show up here, so I went to my mom’s. Half the kids weren’t in costume and after only an hour most of them were complaining about how their feet hurt…!

Suck it up kids! Halloween isn’t for the weak.

In other news, what happened to October? It was here, then it was gone. Yikes! Is anyone else totally creeped out by this or am I in some sort of time warp where every month is like a week long? Speaking of time warp, sometimes I find myself wishing that I could bust into musical numbers with a full supporting cast.

Sorry there’s been sparse knitting news. I have been knitting, there just hasn’t been much to report on. We’re supposed to have this topsupersecret project done tomorrow… uh. It ain’t gettin done. It’s too GIGANTIC. (Also, irritating.) I would post about it but the people it’s for might randomly read this blog. It’s highly doubtful but I’m a paranoid creature with delusions of musical numbers, so you probably get the point here. However, I have been crafting:

This is what I sent my Retro Video Game Swap partner. What do you think? I’m most pleased with the ornaments. I took about a million pictures of them in various situations. Not because I’m bored but because I’m creative. Total difference.

Action shot!

Also, this was my mom last night in her very yellow kitchen.

She was on the phone talking to my granma about trick or treaters. Every year my mom calls and every year it’s the same story: she ran out of candy. They must be bringing the kids in from the country and dropping them off on her street because she doesn’t see these kids running around the neighborhood on a day to day basis. This year she went through eight bags of candy and still ran out.

I’m sure there’s other stuff to post about… but how about random pictures of my cat instead?

Don’t mess with her- she crazy.

Also, here’s a green pepper I drew for a future project:

4 thoughts on “Goodbye October :(

  1. Ok first of kitty looks spooky ~ esp. the yawn pic. hehehehehe The swap crafts turned out great…. Good job! I can’t wait to see mre on the Pepper Project.

  2. Hahahaha Kitty was yelling at you. Those darn kitty cats. Kiki was riding the bike this morning. Maybe she is trying to tell her “mommy” to get her butt on it this weekend perhaps?

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