Scary Spooooky Tangents

Happy Halloween!

Pattern: Felted Pumpkins by Jordana Paige

Size made: small

Yarn: Cascade 220

Notes and Things: Has anyone seen Top Design on Bravo? There was a designer named Goil and I loved him, if only for the reason that he had cool glasses. He also had a sweet name and said “my name’s Goil, it’s like Gargoyle.” I’ve always wanted a gargoyle, ever since I was small and would watch the show Gargoyles. Thankfully Target had my wants and needs in mind when they started selling that bad boy in the picture.

What does any of that have to do with knitting? Nothing really. I’ve just been having a hard time coming up with a post lately. Not because I don’t have stuff and things to post. I have both stuff and/or things in abundance. As you can see, I finally finished that pumpkin! It was a fast knit, fun to felt and would’ve been done sooner if I didn’t have stuffing issues. Stuffing issues which led to a lopsided pumpkin. (I stuffed it, then the stuffing settled all weird, then while it was sitting around settling, it got all lopsided and I just sort of watched it happen. Huh.) However, it is a really fun knit and the second I saw it, I knew I had to knit it. Mostly because I have a love for all things pumpkin.

Have you ever been to the Circleville Pumpkin Show?

I go every year. Including this year, which was last week. I took this picture from the ferris wheel.

This house makes me feel alright about my love for pumpkins. It’s always good knowing that there’s someone else out there with a love that’s more crazy than yours. Unless you’re going for ultimate crazy person status, then second best feels a little crappy.

Reasons I love Halloween:

  • Candy.
  • It makes me appreciate Fall and how it’s the creepiest of all the seasons.
  • Family can’t get pissed off about too much.
  • It encourages people to get creative. For some people it’s to come up with an original outfit and for sorority girls it’s a new and original way to be slutty.
  • Strategic candy game plans. I love it when kids do their homework on where to strike and at what time. (Or maybe me and my friend were just weird on this one.)

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