It snuck up on me!

Oh man, it’s seriously already time for the Pumpkin Show, or you might also know it as the “Greatest Free Show On Earth”…? How did it get here so fast? I still have a partially inflated felted pumpkin that I need to finish and a bunch of pumpkin charms that I need to turn into, uh, I have no idea what. (Honestly, just the fact that there are pumpkin charms out there in the world was enough for me to buy them.)

I met with some new knitters tonight. The ladies from WestSideColumbusKnitting, who were all very friendly. My progress on the sweater for Crazy Aunt Purl’s contest before meeting them was this:

Little cat vest, with eyes already glowing with hatred and disdain. Oh, I love my kitty!

However, at the end of the meeting I had attached the sleeves. Which led to full blown cat torture.

I love crafting. Mostly because it’s the only thing I can think of, off the top of my head, where talking about needles and acquiring them is totally acceptable. I just got a set of DPNs in the mail today from eBay. I also got an interchangeable Boye circular set not too long ago from eBay too. I don’t have good thrifting/garage sale luck that everyone else seems to have. (I know, you really feel bad for me right?)

The little guy on the right there is supposed to be Blooper (from Mario) although he just looks like any old squid. Hmmm…. I knit him up on a whim for my swap partner. I also made them a Toad keychain. I’m still feeling like my craft collection for them is kind of weak so far, hopefully I’ll come up with something else.

Also, as if this post couldn’t get any more random. I went to the Cupcakery today.

In my attempt to get familiar with Dublin, I stopped in at the cupcakery and got a pumpkin caramel cupcak, which I designed myself with cream cheese and Halloween themed doodads. (See how the pumpkin theme came back around? I’m grasping at relevance here, work with me.)

Yeah. Cupcakes. Honestly, I do all this for the children, really.

2 thoughts on “It snuck up on me!

  1. Whew I finally figured out what I needed to do to post comments to your blog. Yeah!

    OHHHH I just love your kitty. Great cat torture pics too!

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