Back in time for bad weather!

I’m back from Minnesota! I brought a finished Jaywalker and bad weather with me though. So yeah, here are the different angles of the one sock I managed to finish in two weeks worth of knitting time:

Can you tell how proud I am of this friggin sock?

Also, knitting this sock was exactly what I needed. I don’t know yet if I’m a “sock knitter” or a “lace knitter” or a whatever knitter. I just know that when I’m feeling burnt out on projects and I knit something on a size two needle, coming back to something on a size 8 needle makes me feel better. Like, man, I’m flying through this thing, I’ll be done in no time!

While I was in MN, lots of stuff happened, which I figured that would mean more pictures… but I actually didn’t take all that many. Well, compared to the fiftybajillion I usually take. One thing that I did was go to some pottery place with granma, where we painted mugs:

I was painting one for my swap partner. Hopefully it’ll turn out cool, I’ll find out when Granma mails it to me! She painted a giant soup mug thing for Granpa, which was adorable and said I Love You and had a little heart at the very bottom. Which isn’t that just so sweet? I know that if I just drank a bowl of soup and saw a little heart at the bottom I might sigh contentedly thinking “aw gee, I married a swell gal.” Especially if I were a Little Rascal.

Sorry this post is lame. It’s honestly just lame and grey and icky out and I want to drink soup out of a bowl/mug that has a little heart at the bottom of it and just merge into the couch.

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