Mucky Muck

Oh man, I’ve hit a road block. As of right now, my pumpkin sits with stuffing in it but no top. I wanted to do a pipe cleaner type deal but now I think I’m just stalling. I blame it all on the cat sweater. I just keep looking at those sleeves and thinking… man, I really hate you.

What will get me motivated to finish this stuff? Hopefully new (to us) furniture because that’s what we’ve been doing lately. We got a kitchen and a coffee table. Well, the coffee table still needs to be picked up.

Also, maybe a new project?

Since I’m going to MN on Wednesday, I figured it was about time I started my first pair of socks. So, to drive myself crazy I’ve decided to make a pair of Jaywalkers first off. Since everyone seems to love them.

Hope you like the random picture of my desk also. It’s actually pretty clean. We just put a stand next to it for the printer… although you can’t see it in the picture and the printer is just kind of magically floating in the air. Huh.

(without a flash, I think the colors look more accurate.)

I’m not going to lie. This four needles thing is freaking me the hell out. There are one too many needles going on for me. My mind was blown with three. Four is just- get out of town.

My thinking is that if I get hung up (say after the simple 2×2 ribbing) I can ask my Granma what I’m supposed to do. She might just shrug, but hopefully she’ll have some answers. Also, I’m going to Minnesota for a week, so expect some random pictures from that.

Darn you knitters block!

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