This felting nonsense

I love doing stuff the hobo way!

I know you’re supposed to felt stuff in like a washer… However, that takes forever and I wouldn’t have been able to use those freakishly huge spatula things. Seriously, what are those things even used for anyways? I figured, kitchen sink is good enough for dishes, which I eat off of, it should be good enough for a pumpkin I won’t be eating.

I’m a machine!

Also, sorry about the random dishes there. Yikes! Maybe I should actually do the dishes and quit the knitting. Nonsense, I say. So the pumpkin is close to being totally dry, it takes forever for wool to dry out. I’m going to stuff it tonight and I’ll hopefully have some completed pictures up for you later.

I was making good progress on the cat sweater, I decided to knit both sleeves at once. Since I don’t have two skeins though I was knitting out of both ends of the different colors and it became a giant knot. So, I’ve been slightly deterred from that. I think I’m also kind of in a weird place because I’m leaving next week and it seems like I have a lot of projects to do but I can’t think of any of them. Not good.

(My stem is a little long. The man of the house suggested pipe cleaners to hold it upright. Apparently duck tape and pipes cleaners are the staples in my husbands MacGuyver catalog.)

One thought on “This felting nonsense

  1. Cool! I felted a cat bed I made for a friend in my sink, but I didn’t think to use tools, so it took me a while (I wore dish gloves so my hands didn’t turn to mush).

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