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So I’m going to preface all of this by saying that I do love my dad. Very much. That being said, he is absolutely infuriating sometimes! Especially when it comes to knitting.

Not in the sense that he hates knitting and thinks it’s worthless. My dad is actually one of the most supportive people about me doing crafts and he used to take me to bead shops all the time and stand around awkwardly and and nod yes or no when I asked him if stuff matched. He’s got a good eye for colors.

He’s infuriating in the sense that he’s a contradiction. He’ll go with me to yarn stores now and look around at stuff and talk about how nice knit hats are and point to patterns that have the ear flap and say, oh man this sure is nice, *nudge* look at how cool this stuff is Linds and I’m like, yeah Dad, subtle. My dad is the warmest person on Earth. He can walk around in the middle of winter with just a hoodie, if that. Sometimes he’ll go short sleeves and be like, it’s a little bit chilly, eh?

Yet the man wants the warmest hat on the planet. A hat that he will never wear because he will probably never be that cold. Ever. He had a whole collection of “tukes” that he got rid of because they were too warm, yet I’m pretty sure he wants me to knit him one.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I went into the yarn store. I mean, I have projects:

I’m just seaming this and soon I’ll try and felt it… I don’t know where yet. Probably not at our apartment’s laundry area. Oh yeah, and that sweater for that contest, which I’m starting to think it won’t be so bad, Sax seems to already like her sweater:

She’s laying on the back and one of the front panels. Don’t let her fool you though, she’s been a real pill lately.

Oh yeah, tomorrow I finish up my sewing class, and I’ll hopefully have completed my skirt. So far I’m the one farthest along, I’m the only one to put in my zipper- my first zipper!

Oh what the heck, here’s another picture:

I get so excited about this sewing stuff because it’s so much faster than knitting. I wish both were a little less expensive though. But honestly, I’ve never felt more accomplished than when I finish things I’ve made by myself… well maybe with some (a lot) of help.

So yeah, I went into this new yarn shop that’s pretty close to where I live. (Not good, it’s the nicest yarn shop I’ve probably ever been in.) I’m not looking for yarn. Then I think, I should think about making my dad something. That poor unsuspecting woman. I guess she was the owner, she reminded me of my high school senior english teacher.

“It looks like there’s something I can help you with!”

“Yeah, well maybe. I’m thinking about knitting a hat for my dad. Although he’s got kind of a huge head, and I mean, it’s pretty big. He heats up pretty quickly so it probably shouldn’t be wool or else he’ll never wear it. Even though he heats up he really likes those hats with the ear flaps, so I want to incorporate those. Oh yeah and if we could somehow add like a moose motif or something, that would be really great…”

It was a really nice store and everything, I just don’t think she wants to see me back anytime soon. 😀

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