This week has been pretty crazy. We found a place to live! Although, it’s another apartment. 😦 We decided that since everyone lists their house in the Spring, we’d better wait until Spring and try to get a house then. Because we’re throwing our money away with this renting stuff.

In other news, in an attempt to be healthy I made a fruit and veggie bowl this week:

fruit and veggie bowlnummy

I know, delicious right? Apples, cherries, grapes, tomatoes and carrots. Couldn’t get any better and it’s already pretty much gone. We’ve been pretty good around here about being healthy this summer. Playing tennis, eating fruits and veggies… uh. Other stuff maybe? Not really. Okay! I can’t fake it.

mini cupcakes

This is also what (really) happened this week- I busted out the awesome cake stand Ronanda got me and it housed some mini cupcakes. They thought they were safe from me in their swirly protective insulator:

cupcake forcefield

(cupcake forcefield)

THEY WERE NOT! I know, you’re wondering, that cake stand is amazing, does it have other uses? I’m glad you asked. It also doubles as a punch bowl. Oh yeah! Now I just have to come up with a reason to need a punch bowl.

Also, at the beginning of the week I was on a mission. The mission was to find some magical unicorn fairy vacuum bags. Meaning, they are hard to find. (Let this be a warning to you, buying a cheap vacuum sounds like a good idea, until you have to find the vacuum bags to go with it.) I ended up at IGA, since I knew they had the bags before. I was very excited about finally getting everything in our place clean so we could move it to another equally clean place. Or something. Why am I telling you this incredibly boring story about vacuum bags, as elusive as they may be?

Welll. The thing is, people think Columbus is probably the most boring place in the world to live. While it’s not the most boring place, it’s certainly boring. However, stuff does happen. Like the other day, there was this house:

herd the moos?

Yeah, 70 years together! A lawn full of cows like it’s nothing. I actually kind of envy these people with their cow lawn, but that’s another story. I just hope the couple got married when they were like five years old because 70 years- a long time.

I was also driving and I took this video:

I know, I shouldn’t be recording horrible digital camera videos while in the car. But I swear, I’m a good driver and when I started moving I turned the camera off and that’s why you probably can’t exactly tell what’s going on. I was just driving home and BAM a parade of horses down the street, escorted by the cops.

What exactly did the horses do that the cops had to escort them, I’m wondering. Also, why in the hell are there horses going down the middle of the freaking street???

Anyways, vacuum bags. All of this stuff that I’ve just posted is pretty standard fare for a week in Columbus. Still, I was most creeped out and wondering What the… when I went in to get these bags. First of all, I couldn’t find them. I was in the cleaning aisle when there was suddenly a bright light. What just happened? I looked over to my right and a guy was standing there with a digital camera. Did he just take a picture of me looking perplexed about vacuum bags? If so, did he at least get my good side? Do I have a good side? Either way, then FLASH, he took another picture and I realized, no, he’s not taking pictures of people in the store, he’s taking pictures of cat food.

Why? Why cat food? It was a beautiful display but really… cat food?

I’ll end this post on a high note though:




(all pictures can be clicked on to be made LIFE SIZE.)

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