Eek! (the cat)

Eek the cat

I’m supposed to be taking a break… but instead I have insurance drama. There’s always some sort of drama and this time, it had to be insurance. I’m paying waaaay too much for it. Now that I’m married and a college graduate and everything, I shouldn’t be paying $100 a month for insurance.

Oh yeah and also, we need a place to live 😐

This wasn’t such a problem the other day when we bid on a house and thought we were pretty much golden. Turns out the people who bid a couple hours before us (and offered the asking price! yeesh) are more golden. So now we’re back to square one.

Also! If you’re going to have a kid, don’t name them after you. Especially if you have bad credit. Because that makes twice as much work for your kid when it comes time to buy a house. Just sayin.

Will we actually move into a house? Perhaps. Either way, we can’t renew our lease here so we’re definitely moving somewhere. That means I had to clean out my yarn… and everything else. Although the everything else is less important than the yarn, so it’ll get done later (maybe). Thankfully I had the Mr. help me out:


(click for full size)

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