Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

Look, I’m not a huge fan of Michael Jackson as of late- but you can’t tell me that Thriller wasn’t an amazing record. My favorite part of the opening song is the HEE-HAW part. (If you don’t know, you just don’t know man.) That being said…

A long while ago, about ten years now, my granma on my dad’s side sat me down one day and taught me how to knit. I was a pretty crafty kid and it was a good way to spend time with my granma as she’s the most crafty person I think I’ve ever met. She had already taught me how to crochet and I spent a whole summer putting those tri-corner beads onto white socks. Here’s an equation:

tri beads + socks = Crazy Fun Summer

I thought, knitting- AWESOME!

So she bought me some pink yarn, as that was my favorite color of all time and some needles and I got to scarf making. I learned how to cast on some crazy way and knit garter stitch. That’s the level I pretty much stayed at. Since granma lives over the river and through the woods I never really learned how to cast off right or how to purl.

I thought knitting was actually a little lame. Then one day, the world wide web, aka my bff told me that knitting is actually really cool and there are all kinds of cool people on the internet talking about knitting, designing “hip” things to knit and all kinds of groovy things. So it was a little while ago, maybe a year, maybe two that I decided, okay, it’s time to learn how to purl.

So purling wasn’t hard to learn, granma sent me a learn how to do basic stuff video that was kind of horrible, but it got the point across. I was teaching my friends how to knit at this point. That’s the thing, my motivations are horrible. I’m mostly learning how to do more stuff in knitting just so the people I’ve taught aren’t outdoing me. Which they always are anyways, so that’s whatever- I can still keep the dream alive.

After puttering around some, here’s what I finally made:


That’s right- It’s fetching, that great hand warmer pattern everyone in my family got a pair of for Christmas last year. I love knitty. You’ll see that in upcoming posts especially.

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