Once, Twice, Three times a laydeeee

Let’s start this blog off on the right foot!

I hope it doesn’t suck.

Great, now that we’ve gotten that over with. I’ve honestly been thinking about doing the whole knitting blog thing for a while. Been kicking around some ideas and I will hopefully end up implementing them. However, I am a lazy lazy person. Just be warned. My goal is to get rid of the random iPod chick on the side of this here blog.

Hopefully all of my plans will come to fruition.

However, the thing that was keeping me away from the knitting blog realm was the fact that a lot of people have them and they do them well. I don’t do blogs so well. So yeah. I guess I’m just laying this all out for you so you’ll know not to put a lot of hopes and dreams on me. Anyways, enough talk, let’s post some of my knitting already!

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